Sunday, 10 July 2011

Resting heartbeat must be below 50bpm now

Today we went to Technorama in Wintherthur.  The place is pretty cool if you like hands on science.  The part I liked best was the section where you can test your lung capacity, see how loud you can scream, see how far you can jump from a standing start, see how fast your reaction times are, etc.  In addition to these you can also get an ECG of your heart.

When I did the ECG of my heart the number of beats per minute was in the low 50s.  As I was not at rest I think that probably my resting heart beat is now somewhere in the high 40s.  The other thing I found cool is that I can scream at 123 decibels.  I am not sure how often that comes in useful, but at least I know I can scream loud if I need to.

We got back early evening and since then I have been for a jog from Wipkingen to the bottom of the Uetliberg via Binz, and then worked my way back here via the back streets.  Today again it is pretty hot to be running, but it isn't too much to put me off.  I was more worried about Negrita as she can't really tell me when she is getting too hot.  I just have see how much she is panting to judge how hot she is, and try to stop at as many water fountains as possible so she can get water.  She is a lucky dog because you don't get that many cities in the world where there are so many water fountains with clean drinking water.

I wish you all a good evening and now it is time for me to get a little R and R ready for work tomorrow.

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