Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Time to crack open the champagne, dance and sing along to the Kool & The Gang classic Celebration

Celebration by Kool & The Gang

Well folks it has been a long journey but we are finally there now thanks to all of your help.  A few hours ago I hit my fundraising target of £9,500.  Mencap will be very happy with that, as am I, and the money will go a long way to help them with the good work they do.  Charities that help people with cancer and other prominent diseases get a lot of attention, but charities like Mencap that help disadvantaged people such as those with learning disabilities don't get quite so much attention.  It is therefore great to be supporting their cause in this way.

Just because the minimum target has now been met does not mean we need to stop their though.  If you were planning on sponsoring me please go ahead and do so.  There is no harm, only good, in raising more than the minimum target.

Out of interest, the person that made me hit the target was Fabian R.  It is in fact his second donation so I just wanted to say that you are a star Fabian, as are all of you that have put something on my site or contributed to my fundraising campaign in some way, whether that be by direct donations, buying goods that I was auctioning or just spreading the word.

A special thanks must go out to my mum and my fiancee who have been working hard to get me more and more donations on my site for some time now.  My grandmother when she was alive was a star fundraiser, and it shows that my mum is her daughter.  Thanks mum and Anny.  I also want to give a special mention to Jonathan Marocco who was my biggest individual sponsor, in fact the third biggest sponsor after myself and Holmes Place Zurich.  Thanks Jonathan.

Thanks also to all my corporate sponsors so far.  As a company you get approached by people like myself all the time, so it is great that they were still willing to help.  Holmes Place Zurich donated a 1 year membership to their gym and spa that they allowed me to auction for charity and they also allowed me to train for free at their gym, Elemis donated a skincare set that I used as a raffle prize, Buff donated a box of headscarfs and a T-shirt that I managed to sell for charity, Tour d'Afrique Limited donated £100 on my site, Iglu-Dorf Gmbh donated a fondue for 2 at their Engelberg site that I auctioned and last but certainly not least Bikram Yoga Zurich donated £200 on my site and in addition gave me 2 boxes of Bios Life Matcha to help me during the race itself.

It is time to celebrate now, so that's me done for tonight.  I wish you all a great evening and I will check in again soon.

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