Sunday, 2 June 2013

Role Models - part two

Jeff Grant, endurance athlete, business owner and coach
Following on from my previous post, Role models, and how inspiring and energising it can be to be around them, today I want to introduce you to my second role model, Jeff Grant.

Jeff Grant is someone who teaches fitness with a passion.  Owner of Richterswil-based Hillseeker Fitness, he delivers not standard run of the mill fitness training, but innovative and varied training that introduces athletes to his own specific fitness concepts.  He has even written his own ebook about running technique for example.

Jeff teaches in a way that inspires athletes of all abilities.  Participants in his Wednesday night running classes in Zürich varied from those just beginning jogging in order to lose weight right through to experienced endurance athletes having competed in races such as the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and the Marathon des Sables.  Somehow he was able to design a class that challenged everyone at the same time, and this is not easy with such a mixed ability group.

Regularly completing the SEALFIT Kokoro Camp training, Jeff not only teaches mental toughness but has also proved that he possesses it as well.  He is now a support coach and running technique coach at the SEALFIT academy too.  Jeff has completed many endurance events himself including the UTMB, Marathon des Sables and Hawaii Ironman Championships to name but a few.

Before setting up his own business Jeff worked many years in the corporate world, but he felt that he needed to make the transition to full time coaching and to set up his own coaching business in order to live his real dream.  He made the leap of faith and worked like a beaver for several years to make his dream come true.  His classes grew at the same time as his coaching abilities did.  Initially offering CrossFit classes, he then added Pose Running workshops and regular coached sessions to the offerings.  Recently he completed his yoga instructor training in Thailand, and now gives yoga classes on top of all the other classes.

When not giving his regular classes in Richterswil,  Jeff can be found writing fitness articles, making fitness videos or writing tailored coaching programs, as well as travelling around the globe to coach in other locations too.  Jeff is also a motivational speaker.

I really hope that he sticks with it and continues to inspire athletes of all abilities in the years to come like he has till now.  Top work Jeff!!!

For more information about Jeff and his coaching please visit his site