Friday, 10 December 2010

It's XXX tomorrow...

X as in X-country skiing that is.  Anny and I have booked a private half day X-country ski (skating style) lesson tomorrow afternoon in Davos.  That should help kick start the lazy muscles into action.

I have tried the classic style X-country on several occasions, but only once have I tried the skating style, and that almost killed me.  Towards the end I just wanted to lie on the slow and sleep for a couple of hours before continuing.  Then the next day my back muscles decided to make a late protest and locked up, resulting in an excruciating over-the-eyes headache - ouch.  My analytical brain decided it couldn't possibly have been that I wasn't fit enough for the activity and that it must have been a problem with technique.  Hence the lesson tomorrow.

Of course my main training should be cycling, but with all this ice and snow around my wafer thin tyres on my racing bike don't give me too much reassurance.  So I have decided if tomorrow goes well then X-country skiing will be one of my winter training techniques.  Of course I also have the option of indoor rowing on my Concept2 or going out jogging, but X-country seems the most fun of the trio.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My very first post

I am truly a blogging virgin and I am hoping that by starting this blog I will have a reliable way to record my progress towards my ultimate goal - the Tour D'Afrique "Vuelta Sudamericana 2011".   Covering around 6,000km in two and a half months may not sound that challenging, but this ride will be right over the Andes and I for one am not underestimating the effect of altitude.  Although I am sure I will be chewing copious amounts of coca leaves to reduce the effects, I think I also should make an effort to put in the necessary physical training.

I am by no means a stranger to hard graft and training and have previously cycled from John O'Groats to Lands End in y2k.  But this one I am sure will demand more training and combined with the fact I am no longer a university student with ridiculously long holidays, planning here will be the key.

I usually have a sporadic approach to physical exertion - in summer like a bee on speed and in winter like a sleepy bear.  As we are now in winter, I am already part sleepy bear.  Time for that bear to come out of hibernation.