Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My very first post

I am truly a blogging virgin and I am hoping that by starting this blog I will have a reliable way to record my progress towards my ultimate goal - the Tour D'Afrique "Vuelta Sudamericana 2011".   Covering around 6,000km in two and a half months may not sound that challenging, but this ride will be right over the Andes and I for one am not underestimating the effect of altitude.  Although I am sure I will be chewing copious amounts of coca leaves to reduce the effects, I think I also should make an effort to put in the necessary physical training.

I am by no means a stranger to hard graft and training and have previously cycled from John O'Groats to Lands End in y2k.  But this one I am sure will demand more training and combined with the fact I am no longer a university student with ridiculously long holidays, planning here will be the key.

I usually have a sporadic approach to physical exertion - in summer like a bee on speed and in winter like a sleepy bear.  As we are now in winter, I am already part sleepy bear.  Time for that bear to come out of hibernation. 


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