Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Medical certificate signed and sealed and ECG done

At 10.30 this morning I had my medical checkup with the doctor so that she could sign my compulsory medical certificate for the MDS.  She took my blood pressure, pulse, weight, height, questioned me about my training and then took an ECG at rest.  An ECG at rest is mandatory for the MDS and must be presented at the admin checks on the 7th April.

Everything was completely normal and she signed my certificate and ECG.  She recorded my pulse as 52, although that seems higher than normal so I wonder if the strong coffee I had just before the appointment had raised my heart rate slightly.  She also recorded my weight as 76kg, which seems higher than normal, but that was fully clothed and I think that from the angle I was looking at the scales it read 75 rather than 76, not that it makes much difference.

I am happy to have got that out of the way and now there is not much else standing between me and the race other than a few more weeks of training and heat acclimatisation.  I have booked a lactate test on the 19th March just so I can see where I am in terms of my fitness.  I may never be this fit again in my life, although I hope I will.

My muscles are aching pretty badly and I think it is time now to take a hot bath with some Carmol Pro Active in it.  My plan then is to try to fit in a session of hot yoga later today.  I wish you all a great day and that's me over and out for now.

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