Monday, 12 March 2012

Summary of Friday to Monday - running, Pilates and Bios Life Matcha energy drink

Hello everyone.  Last Friday I travelled to Madrid for the weekend.  I flew around midday and Anny joined me later in the evening, as it was much cheaper to fly in the middle of the day.  When I arrived her dad was at the airport to pick me up and take me back to their home.  After a bit of food and talking I went for a run in the park near to their home called Dehesa de la Villa.  It is a large park and there are plenty of routes crisscrossing the terrain that you can run on.  The park is located on a hill and it is almost impossible to do a run there without incorporating at least some hills.  One complete lap of the park is in the region of 5km, so I did 2 laps i.e. 10km.  I was fairly achy and I think that the previous days of training fast and with a weighted pack had caught up with me.  In fact I am still achy today.  The park is very nice though, and running there is really a pleasure.  The temperature was much higher than it is here in Zurich at the moment.  In fact it was a balmy 20C and most people were running in shorts and t-shirt.

On Saturday I didn't have much time for running as we were busy doing other things like shopping, so that was my rest day.  In the evening we went out with a group of Anny's friends.  I probably ate more than I should have, but at least I didn't drink that much to compensate.

On Sunday Anny was meant to run 5km according to the training plan she is following.  I decided to go with her and just follow at her pace.  We went to the Dehesa de la Villa park again, and we took all 4 dogs with us (Punkita, Negrita, Gordito and Cookie).  Anny's sister and her boyfriend looked after Punkita and Cookie while Anny took Gordito and I took Negrita.  Punkita is too old to run as she is the mother of the other dogs and Cookie tends to get frightened easily.  Negrita is of course accustomed to running and Gordito was okay at the beginning but was struggling towards the end of the 5km, and Anny had to encourage him along.  The pace was nice and gentle and it was a good way to loosen up stiff muscles.

Today I had a Pilates lesson at 11am to start the day.  We tried some new apparatus I have never used before that kind of resembles a horse.  In fact you sit on it exactly as you would sit on a horse.  After Pilates I headed straight back home as I had a meeting with a new sponsor.  The meeting went well and in addition to agreeing to donate £200 they gave me some Bios Life Matcha powder that you mix with water to make an energy drink.  I have tried Matcha tea before, but this contains lots of additional ingredients too.

Once I got back from the meeting I mixed up one sachet of the Bios Life Matcha powder with water and drank it.  Then I rested for half an hour before getting dressed ready for a run.  I wanted to take Negrita with me, but since my plan was to run 30km I decided that was too far for her.  What I did instead was to split the run in to 2 parts, and I ran the first 15km with Negrita and the second 15km without her.  Between the 2 runs I just took a few minutes rest and mixed up a second Bios Life Matcha energy drink.

So you may wonder what I thought of the Bios Life Matcha.  Well I had a funny feeling throughout my run that was kind of like flying.  I felt light on my feet and warm inside.  My speed however was not that high.  In fact it was rather slow.  That doesn't surprise me though, as like I mentioned at the beginning of my post I am quite achy at the moment.  I think I am suffering the effects of last weeks training.  Speed aside though, the energy drink definitely made me feel good.  It contains amongst other ingredients green coffee bean extract, pomegranate extract, grape seed extract, Matcha green tea powder, green tea extract, blueberry powder, yerba mate and guarana powder.  I will be taking some sachets along with me to Morocco.

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