Thursday, 8 March 2012

Second run of the day - 10km in 53 minutes 20 seconds, with an 8.5kg pack

I just finished my training for today.  The day started off with a 15km run with a pack, continued with an intense one hour of Pilates and concluded several minutes ago with a quick 10km run with a pack.  I would have liked to go further tonight, but we have a guest coming for dinner and I need to help Anny start preparing.

It is a fair bit colder than it was earlier in the day, and there is a bit of a cold wind on top of that.  I went out wearing my shorts anyway though, although on my top half I was wearing two tops.  Despite both runs being fairly short I have still managed to do more than a half marathon today, which is not bad going at all.

I am off to Madrid for the weekend tomorrow.  I wont be taking my pack with me but I will be taking my running kit.  It will give my joints a wee bit of a break and allow me to run further and faster than normal. I will report back on Monday how it went.  Hopefully in Madrid it will be warmer than here, although here is still not that cold.


  1. This is in response to one of your posts earlier in the month - I would use something called micropore tape rather than individual plasters. It is much stickier and comes in a roll so you can tear off the required llength you need at a time. It is hypoallergenic and paper based - I use it to tape my heels with before any long rows on the erg and despite getting hot and sweaty feet - it never budges until you tear it off your skin after exercise. Not sure if it would add too much weight to your rucksack though : )

  2. Hi Caroline. I will be taking a roll of Leukotape with me, which is similar. You are right though it is quite heavy compared to my other lightweight stuff. I also have some other specialist blister prevention and blister treatment patches to take with me. Hopefully I wont need any of them and will be blister free, although that would be extremely lucky.