Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tomorrow's plan - Pilates and split runs

Tomorrow I have a Pilates lesson at 1pm.  This is kind of in the middle of the day, so I have been wondering how to fit in the rest of my training around it.  I have come up with the plan of running a half marathon in the morning with my pack, then going to the Pilates lesson, and then later in the day doing a second run with my pack.  That way I can get in my mileage yet still have enough energy to cope in the Pilates class.

It will be my first chance to try out the energy gels and see if I notice any difference.  A half marathon is not really that long, but for anything over 2 hours an energy gel should be of use.  Since I will be running with a heavy pack, I suspect that the half marathon will take me around 2 hours or so, allowing me to try out one gel towards the end of the run when I am a little tired.  I am not sure how long my second run will be yet and it will depend on how I am feeling, but if I am feeling really energetic I will try to make it longer than a half marathon.  For many of the MDS competitors with hectic work schedules splitting the runs up like this is their only chance to do high mileage during the week.

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