Tuesday, 13 March 2012

21km of running today

My plan this week is to knock out some high mileage and then from the weekend onwards to start tapering towards the race.  If I can I would like to run over 100 miles/ 160km this week.  It is not critical that I run this far though, as most of my runs now are done with a backpack weighing 9kg or so, and that in itself is equivalent to running extra miles.  I am also doing Pilates 2 times per week and hot yoga several times per week in addition to the running.  It should be easy enough to accomplish my plan if I run 6 days this week however, as that would be less than 30km per day on average.

Yesterday I ran 30km in total and tonight I ran 21km in total.  So that is already 51km in just 2 days.  I split the 21km that I ran tonight into 2 runs of 10.5km each.  The first part I ran with Negrita and with my backpack and the second part I ran alone and without my backpack, as my legs are getting quite some pounding at the moment.  The first run was towards Hongg and back, and the second was down to Tiefenbrunnen station and back.  Going out towards Hongg there are some nice woods and another Finnenbahn (running path made of wood chips).  It seems one can find these all over the place in Zurich, and it is good to see that runners are so well catered for.

My training at the moment is quite tough and I was glad to be able to drop the pack off at home ready for the second run.  My only aim for the second run was to complete it in under 1 hour, and I did that rather comfortably - in 54 minutes and 6 seconds to be exact.  That isn't very fast, but considering all the exercise I have been doing in the last few weeks I can't be too surprised either.  The thing that seemed to take the most out of me was the speed work last week.  My body is really going to reap the rewards of the tapering that starts next week.  I need to start the MDS full of energy and going hell for leather in the last 2 and a bit weeks is not going to help me at all.  I am off now to grab some food and then to get some well deserved sleep.  Goodnight everyone.

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