Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hot yoga at a breathtaking 50C

I just finished what is if I am correct my fifth hot yoga session.  I was saying last time that my body is starting to get used to the heat and that I wasn't having any dizzy moments at all.  That changed today, but when I looked at the wall I saw a thermometer that was reading just a shade under 50C.  It definitely felt hotter than the last time.  I thought that hot yoga was done at around 40C, but 50C is very hot indeed, and I am not that likely to face higher temperatures than that in the MDS itself.

I noticed quite a lot of people in the room were finding it tough, and it is no wonder at that temperature.  Next time I am in the class I will take a look again at the thermometer and see if the room is always that hot or if it varies from class to class.  Other than that the class went well though, and now I am back at home ready to get some food and liquid inside me, take a rest and then head out for a run if I still have enough energy left.

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