Saturday, 9 July 2011

Hot summer = good MDS preparation

I just came back from a nice run down to the lake, around the centre of Zürich and back again, and I am covered in sweat.  I feel happy to use the term sweat but when I told one of my female friends once she was sweating a lot she reminded me that women don't sweat, they perspire :)

It felt hard running in the heat compared to when I was running a lot back at the start of the year.  It just feels like you can't quite get enough oxygen.  That's why I am very happy now to have this heat, as it is great to start getting used to it in preparation for the Marathon des Sables.  Actually I will be escaping some of the winter here by going to South America where it will be summer.  So I should have a lot more hot weather still to experience.

During my run I didn't feel any lingering effects from La Marmotte last weekend.  My legs don't feel heavy and there are no lingering aches or pains.  The last time I felt affected in any way was on Thursday night when I did Pilates, during which I felt slightly more fatigued than usual.  Probably inside though there is still a lot of repair going on, for instance there are probably many micro-tears in my leg muscles that need to heal.

I am considering to get another lactate threshold test done, as it would be interested to see if I have improved compared to the last one I did.  I need to make sure I have fully recovered before I do the test so that the results are as accurate as possible.  I may try to schedule one for the end of next week or the start of the week thereafter.  Last time I did the test on a treadmill but probably I would get the best results now by doing it on a stationary bike.  In order to make comparisons though I need to do it the same way as last time.

It looks like this weekend is going to be nice and hot, so take off your clothes, go down to the lake or river, and enjoy.

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