Thursday, 7 July 2011

Not diving but rather easing back into the training again after my short recovery rest

I realise that it takes the body longer than 4 days of complete rest to recover from an event from La Marmotte, but I am ready to start training again bit by bit.  The aches have completely gone and the energy levels are coming back up again.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up exhausted feeling I hadn't slept hardly at all, despite actually having slept 9 hours.  But this morning I woke up feeling more or less the same as normal.  I don't have any competitions to train for at this point in time as I will not be racing the Vuelta Sudamerica Buenos Aires to Cusco ride, but I still need to be incredibly fit, as we will be cycling at altitudes of up to 4,000m and covering 100km or more per day for up to seven or eight days in a row.  Plus I have my longer term target to keep in the back of my mind - the Marathon des Sables.

I think for the next 2 months, which is the time I have left before my travelling adventures begin, I will do a  combination of cycling, running, yoga and Pilates.  As you may recall I haven't done much running since the Zürich marathon in April, as after that I switched my focus almost entirely to cycling to train for La Marmotte.  I have however been going for once per week lunchtime runs so I haven't lost all my running fitness by any means.  Without a competition for the next few months, I can just enjoy my training without having to worry whether I am training hard enough or constantly racing against the clock.

My travelling plans mentioned above will also try to incorporate some physical challenges.  They are not completely finalised yet, except for the Vuelta Sudamerica ride itself at the end of September, but if all goes to plan I have the following in mind:

1) A trip to Rwanda at the beginning of September - where I will do some gorilla trekking.  Anny's sister lives and works in Rwanda so we would have our own personal family guide.

2) A trip to Tanzania where I will do a little bit of safari and then I will attempt to climb Kilimanjaro.  As I do not like to do things the easiest way I am thinking to try and climb up it by one of the harder routes.

Then the Vuelta Sudamerica ride begins.  Hooray!

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