Sunday, 3 July 2011

Not exactly an exciting result but at least I am consistent - my 3rd time completing the Marmotte in around 10 hours

Hi everyone

Well I am now back in Zürich after La Marmotte on Saturday.  Tomorrow I will post a more detailed analysis of how it went, but just to summarise I am not overly pleased with the result as it was 4 minutes or so slower than the last time I did it.  But at least I completed it for the third time, and that I am happy about.  Looking at the results my official time is 10 hours 1 minute and 20 seconds.  The event did not go trouble free with the cleats almost falling off my shoes on both feet, and this lead to a lot of slipping and knee rotation.  At one point I did consider giving in, as my knee was really twinging and unlike last time I don't have 2 months to allow my knee to recover, as now I need to keep training for my Vuelta Sudamerica ride.  But then as I descended towards Bourg d'Oisans the knee twinges stopped and I was able to continue.  There was also not that much option as the chalet that we hired was on hairpin 2 of Alpe d'Huez i.e. pretty much at the top.

The other guys who I was staying with in the chalet all did well, and Pete did a particularly great time - just over 9 and a half hours.  He is knocking his time down by huge chunks each time he does it.  If I had got the time that Pete got I would have been happy with my performance.  Looking at the results it seems I arrived 12 minutes after him at the bottom of Alpe d'Huez but lost around 20 extra minutes on the climb itself.  The conclusion is that I must have climbed Alpe d'Huez really slowly to lose 20 minutes on that climb alone.

Overall though I didn't feel I was struggling as much as the other 2 times.  I was able to keep going without a problem and only stopped at feed stations, whilst the other times I had to take several rest stops.  So I think my fitness is definitely better.  The problem it seems is that the speed is not there.  I can discuss this point further tomorrow, but could it be that I focussed too much on endurance and not enough on speed training????

Goodnight folks

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