Saturday, 16 July 2011

My first running accident for as long as I can remember

Running is not a sport that you associate with accidents and danger.  However, factor in a small dog and a lead attached to your waist and now maybe you can see how things can go wrong. Negrita and I just came back from an 11.5 km jog up around the Zurichberg area.  When we were not far from the house Negrita suddenly crossed in front of me because she was scared by a lady cleaning a shopfront with a long handled mop.  Before I had any time to react I was rolling head over heels and finally stopped by rolling into the wheel of a parked car.

I was absolutely fine except for a few scrapes, but poor little Negrita looked very scared with her tail down between her legs.  I don't think she got hurt but I think she was expecting some kind of telling off for crossing my path.  I checked each of her legs and they seemed fine so I dusted myself off and continued to finish off the run.  Negrita seemed to run fine for the last part, so no damage done it seems.

She normally always runs on my right hand side.  This is because over the months of her running with me, whenever she crossed to the left side I would pull her back to my right side.  The problem is when she gets startled, which tends to happen when she doesn't notice someone at the side of the path until the last moment.  That is what happened today.

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