Thursday, 14 July 2011

Couldn't stop myself getting off the bus a few stops early after Pilates and running home

I truly must be becoming running crazy because this was meant to be my running rest day.  The plan was only to do Pilates today.  It was a really tough session, but rather than leave me feeling tired, that got me all buzzed up.  On the bus on the way home I though what a shame to let the bus take me to my doorstep when I could get off a few stops earlier and run home.

So I did just that.  I had my rucksack with me, so it was a bit of extra training than a bog standard run "au naturel".  There were a few drunks on the route who decided to make fun and say look here comes the iron man.  I just said haha yeah that's right and continued on my way.  It maybe would have been more fun to say something to make them start chasing me and watch them huffing and puffing behind me with ciggies still hanging from their mouths :)

I haven't decided yet whether I will rest tomorrow or do some training.  Actually my run today was so short that it probably doesn't count.

On an aside note I have booked another lactate test for the 8th August to see if I have managed to increase my lactate threshold and VO2 max since the last test I took.  I am not sure how it will go as to compare my result with the one from last time I should do it on the treadmill again.  But actually my body is probably still more adapted to cycling at this point in time.  Also I have been doing a lot more endurance based training as opposed to speedwork like I was back then.  We will see!

Now I better go and calm down, because as you can see by my random jumping from one topic to another I am a little bit high at the moment.  No drugs here though, just endorphins.  Runners high you might say.....

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