Saturday, 16 July 2011

11.5km run was not enough so I followed it with a 64km bike ride

The main aim of the run this morning was to tire out Negrita a bit so that she would be happy to stay in the apartment and rest afterwards, allowing me to do a bike ride.  I haven't been on my bike since La Marmotte on the 2nd July, so it was nice to get back on it again.

I don't normally do both running and cycling on the same day so I was interested to see if I would notice the effect of the run on my legs when cycling.  Actually I didn't really notice any difference other than by the end of the bike ride I felt very dehydrated.  I consumed 2 bottles of water but it was pretty hot and I guess it can't have been enough, despite not actually feeling thirsty.

I have GPS data from both my run and my bike ride, and I have been trying to compare them to get an idea if I am better adapted to cycling or running at present.  The only way I could think to do this was to compare my heartrate.  On my run my average heart rate was 132bpm and my maximum heartrate was 159bpm.  On my bike ride my average heart rate was 131bpm and my maximum heartrate was 157bpm.  The results at least cardio wise are very similar.

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  1. Given I distinctly remember your ability to swim like a fish (or rather more like a seal) I reckon your next project after the MDS should be Triathlon, perhaps an IronMan!