Friday, 15 July 2011

Does anyone have a spare gorilla suit lying around?

I always get these wacky ideas that suddenly just spring into my mind out of nowhere.  I was sitting here chilling in front of the television when I suddenly thought to myself, "I know how I could draw attention to my fundraising campaign for Mencap and the Marathon des Sables.  I could run around Zurich in a gorilla suit with the URL of my fundraising page displayed on my back and front."

Then I thought about it some more, and instead of doing what most people might do and dismissing it, the idea suddenly seemed better and better.  The first reason is the extra attention that it would draw to my fundraising.  In the UK people might not be too surprised to see someone in a gorilla suit running down the street (especially on a Friday or Saturday night), but here in Zurich I am sure they would.  The second reason is that it would give a great opportunity to get used to running in extreme heat.  I read the account of someone who regularly dons a gorilla suit, and he says that the heat inside is unbearable.  So basically it would kill 2 birds with one stone.

If anyone has a spare gorilla suit lying around I am happy to give it a go, and buy it off you if the price is reasonable, or treat you to a few beers if you just want to lend it to me.  If I don't get any offers I will have to go and see if I can order one from Amazon.  I would like to give it a trial first though before I dive in and buy one.  It would be good to see if it does get the kind of attention I am imagining it would get.  So maybe I could go to one of the fancy dress shops and hire one for a few days.  Don't get any crazy ideas though - I will not run the Marathon des Sables in a gorilla suit - that would be a death wish.

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