Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Forrest gumpifying

I know this is not a real verb but it sounds cool - to forrest gumpify - i.e. the process of running day after day.  And if this were a real verb then I am certainly starting to forrest gumpify.  This is now my fifth consecutive day of running.  I am well aware that I am on the edge of overtraining so tomorrow I will be doing Pilates but no running, to allow my legs a little break.

To be honest though my body is not complaining about the amount of running I am doing.  I am running at a modest pace and doing lots of stretching afterwards, so I am taking a reasonable amount of care.

As Anny is away in Spain this weekend I will probably try to go for a hilly cycle ride.  I will be looking after Negrita, so it will probably have to be based from Zürich rather than taking the train to some far off place like Canton Wallis for instance.  It will be a whopping 2 whole weeks since I last cycled by then.

But at the moment it is rain, rain and more rain.  Since I have already done my run for today, at lunchtime, I don't need to worry and I can just settle down to read my running magazine and chill.  That was a hell of a storm last night by the way.  Anyone who lives in and around Zürich will know what I am talking about.  I thought the whole building was going to blow away at one point.

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