Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My friends at Tour d'Afrique Limited have helped boost my fundraising total even closer towards the target

Not only have several of the people I met on the Vuelta Sudamericana 2011 tour helped my fundraising campaign, but the company itself has also now put up £100.  It was great to go on to my fundraising page and see it go over £9,000 for the first time.  That was somehow a very significant milestone that I was hoping to achieve in the coming days, and now it has been met.  There is now less than £450 left to raise, which is fantastic.

As you know the TDA Vuelta Sudamericana 2011 tour was a big part of my training plan.  Before that I was not able to handle day after day of hour upon hour of exercise.  But after cycling 4,300km over mountains where the air was thin and on both paved and non paved roads, I became tougher and able to handle the demands of several days of intense exercise without injury.  The interval training sprinting away from the packs of dogs gave me that extra edge that I was looking for too.

If you want a really cool cycle expedition where everything is organised for you, but you still have the freedom to cycle at your own pace throughout the day, you can check out their site  Their Cairo to Capetown route is where it all started but they now offer much much more, with expeditions all over the globe.  If I have the means and the time I would love to do more expeditions with them in the future.  Thanks once again Tour d'Afrique Limited.

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