Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kit selection - sleeping bag update

Hi folks

It seems that PHD mountain software require 30 working days to make the sleeping bags, as they make them to order.  This means that there isn't enough time for them to make it before I will need it.  They have offered me instead one that they already happen to have in stock.

The one they have in stock is the same spec as the one I ordered except that it is made of 800 down and not 900 down, which adds 40g to the overall weight.  So the total weight will be 440g as opposed to 440g, which is still extremely light.  The cost will be £29 less than the one I ordered.

It will still be a great piece of kit but next time I do an event like this I will make sure I start getting my kit much earlier.  I am getting on with the rest of the kit selection in the next couple of days so I do not face any similar issues.

Update: I just spoke again with PHD mountain software and they have put me at the front of the production line in order to try and accommodate my needs.  They are fairly confident they can give me the exact spec I ordered within the timeframe I need it in.  Now that is what I call a company with good customer service.

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