Monday, 13 February 2012

I have been a very bad boy today, so tomorrow I will do a "birthday marathon" to make it up

Today I have only done an hour of Pilates as part of my training.  That is really not enough considering I am currently on a career break and have all the time in the world to train (when I am not fundraising or trying to select my kit for the MDS or doing household chores).  So I am going to give myself a little treat on my birthday (tomorrow) - I am going to run a "birthday marathon".

Most people would probably use their birthday as an opportunity to stuff their face with cake and to get a little tipsy.  Not me, I will run a marathon.  But I am not all "goody two-shoes" as in the evening I will be tucking in to the cake that Anny has so kindly volunteered to bake for me.  I wont need to feel guilty whilst I am stuffing my face though, as I will have earned it.

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