Monday, 13 February 2012

Flights to Morocco booked for my pre heat acclimatisation training

As I have been mentioning in a few previous posts, one of the aspects of the MDS race that concerns me most is the heat, and how I can prepare myself for that.  Well that problem is now solved.  Today I booked my flight to Morocco so I have 2 weeks prior to the race to get used to running in the desert heat.

I will be flying from Paris to Ouarzazate via Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc on the 21st March.  On arriving at the destination I will be met by either Lahcen Ahansal or one of his colleagues, and after spending one night in Ouarzazate I will be transferred to Merzouga.  Lahcen Ahansal is a legend in the MDS world, and has won the race multiple times, along with his brother Mohammed.  They run a tour company called Cap Dunes based in Ouarzazate and I will be using them for my transfers etc.  If I am lucky Lahcen or Mohammed themselves will be doing the transfer and I can try to pick up a few last minute tips from them.

Merzouga is a perfect base for training, as it is right next to the Erg Chebbi sand dunes.  So not only will it be possible to get used to the heat, but it will also be possible to get used to running in the sand and on MDS type terrain.  I will have 2 full weeks there before I am transferred back to Ouarzazate on the 5th April ready to meet the other UK runners at the Berbere Palace Hotel.

Update: Lahcen Ahansal confirmed he himself will be doing the transfer.  So I will get to meet the MDS legend in person.  Cool!

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