Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The birthday marathon

I stuck to my plan for yesterday.  Well kind of anyway.  I covered 42km as I wanted to, but I split it into 2 parts.  The first part I did in the afternoon and that was 30km and then the second part I did in the evening with Negrita and that was 12km.

It probably would have been better to do it all in one go, but I felt pretty cold and wanted to go back to the apartment and get warm again.  Actually I had a slight sore throat by the evening and I hope that I am not going to catch a cold in the next couple of days.  Despite the slight sore throat I was adamant I wanted to fulfil my plan for the day, and so did the final 12km later in the evening.  I wasn't aching from the earlier run and was quite surprised how you can bounce back after a few hours R&R.

My plan today was going to be another long run and possibly some hot yoga.  This has changed now though, because I think if I rest today my sore throat may not develop into anything more, and by tomorrow I may be as right as rain.  If on the other hand I push myself today, I may get a full blown cold, and that would affect my training for a week or so - not good!  Lots of vitamin C and hot tea should help prevent it developing too.

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