Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Radio silence from now - here is what you need to know to contact me and follow my progress during the MDS

I probably wont be posting anything again now until I finish the race.  I am going radio silent.  From the day after tomorrow I will be in the desert, and tomorrow I will be travelling for part of the day, then meeting my fellow Brits in Ouarzazate in the evening.

So I will leave you with the same message I posted the other day about how to contact me and how to follow my progress during the MDS.  Messages of support that you send to me using the method below will be very much appreciated, and will give me a huge, much needed boost.  If you want to watch all the action on TV there is a list of channels that will be broadcasting on the organisers website.  Eurosport is one of those mentioned in the list.

My race number or dossard is 446, or alternatively you can find me by my last name Janes.

So now here goes:

For friends and family wishing to send you emails during the MdS from 7 April:

They will need to go to and click on ‘Write to a competitor’ or ‘Ecrire aux concurrents’. They will need to have your running number (DOS). They must NOT try to send attachments or anything other than plain text, or the email won’t be delivered! Messages left on the Darbaroud Forum will NOT be forwarded, nor will messages sent to me (although I will get back to the sender).

There will also be a finish webcam on the above page, so they might spot you crossing the line each day.

If anyone has trouble using the site, they can email me at or, however, as Monday is a bank holiday, I’m unlikely to pick up before Tuesday morning. You can also call me on 0845 026 4575 – I will be answering calls for the rest of the week.

Following your progress:

Daily results will be posted here:
Last year, it was possible to follow arrival through checkpoints – I’m not sure if this will happen this year. Please make sure that your supporters are aware that these results take time to update – mostly they are quite good, but occasionally someone’s results get missed.

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