Monday, 2 April 2012

By a twist of fate the sauna was much cooler today, which is just what I wanted

Good evening to you.  As I mentioned in my earlier post I feel rather fragile at the moment, as I have a stomach bug.  For this reason I did not want to push myself too hard by entering a super hot sauna and staying in it for 45 minutes, which had been my original aim.

When I turned up at the spa I found that they had forgotten I was coming and only switched the sauna on a few minutes before I arrived.  What a fortunate mistake.  That meant I was able to get in the sauna at a nice refreshing 50C (122F) and stay in it while it heated up.  Even when it got above 80C (176F) I found the heat much easier to handle, presumably because my body had accustomed itself gradually to the rising heat.

In the end I was able to stay comfortably in the sauna for 45 minutes, and when I left it was at the usual 86F (186.8F), and had been for some time before.

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