Sunday, 1 April 2012

Future Challenges after the MDS

The MDS has not even started yet but my next challenge has been decided.  It will be to complete a sub 3 hour marathon.  I have only ever done one marathon and that was last April in Zurich in just under three and a half hours.  My running has come a long way since then though, and I am five kilos lighter.

I want to try to get together a group of runners in Zurich with a similar goal so we can train together.  If you are from the Zurich area and are interested in training for a sub 3 hour marathon or have already completed one and would like to help by offering some training advice then please get in touch.  I have also set up a group on incase you are a glocals member.

If you not from the Zurich area you can still help by offering your advice to me.  Just like the MDS I want you all to feel that you are part of my experience and I will be writing about it every step of the way, warts and all.

Once I complete this aim, and I say once because I will keep trying until I do, I will be looking for the next challenge.  That has still be decided and I am open to suggestions.  Remember, you are part of the experience.

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