Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Last run before the MDS kicks off

Good morning.  Even writing the title above makes me slightly nervous.  After my short training run today, the next time I run will be in the MDS itself.  I have no intention of running tomorrow, and none of the other UK competitors will be able to run tomorrow either, because they will be flying out to Ouarzazate.  Then there are 2 days in the desert, but I think most of us will be content to rest and conserve our energy.  It is most definitely too late now to get any extra benefits from last minute training.  Three days of full rest will be good for us, and also give us a chance to make sure our bodies are fully hydrated and that our glycogen stores are fully topped up.

After my training run today I will pack my rucksack exactly as I will be running with it in the MDS.  It is almost fully packed now, except that I had removed my sleeping bag, fleece and several freeze dried meals to make space for a 1.5 litre bottle of water that I always carried around with me incase I needed it.

My training run today will be very light.  The last couple of days I ran on the hemada so I want to go running in the sand dunes one last time.  I will either run 5km, or run for one hour, whichever comes first.  Then in the evening I have my last sauna session (making 9 in total).  After that the countdown begins.

Mental preparation can of course continue.  In my mind I will picture myself doing well and getting a good placing.  I will picture myself crossing the finishing line and try to imagine the feeling of elation it will give me.  I will try to imagine how it will feel to have Anny there with me at that special moment (she will be there at the finish remember, as she is flying out to Morocco with the friends and family package).  I will learn to embrace pain and stiff and aching muscles (they are a reward for hard work after all).  When Sunday comes I will be ready for it in my mind.  Nothing and noone will stand between me and my goals.

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