Sunday, 24 July 2011

Stung by a bee

Many times when you are cycling along at cruising speed an insect or fly or a bee or something else will fly into your face or your eye (if you aren't wearing sunglasses) or into the holes in your helmet.  I don't know how many flies I have eaten over the years but it must be quite a few.  These accidental insect consumptions are the only exception I make to my usually vegetarian diet.  Sometimes if you are hurtling down the mountain these insect strikes can really hurt.  A bee hit at 70 or 80km/h is like a small stone being thrown at your face.

Well today a bee decided to fly into the holes in my helmet then get itself trapped and commit suicide by stinging me.  Whilst wasps can sting multiple times a bee can only sting once as then it loses part of its abdomen and dies.  I don't know why it decided to sting me as I was just leaving it to find its own way out, the same way it came in.  But when it did sting it wasn't that pleasant and whilst still cycling along I was going crazy trying to get my helmet off as quickly as possible.  When I stopped and saw the poor bee in the final few minutes of its life I felt very sorry for it.

If it had been a wasp on the other hand I would have not been sorry at all to see it die.  Strange that how some animals we love and other ones we hate.  What did the wasp do to get such a bad reputation??

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