Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Starting to ache all over - thank goodness for the massage appointment tomorrow

Tomorrow will be a good way to start the day - a sports massage before work.  After yoga yesterday there were plenty of aches and pains today.  The usual teacher was on vacation and the one who took over normally runs the tougher Friday lunchtime class.  She is heavily pregnant but still manages to demonstrate most of the moves.  My back and sides were aching when I woke up this morning, and all my ribs are tender to the touch.

At lunchtime I went for a run and that helped to loosen me up.  I think I am aching less after the run than I was before the run, but still I need a sports massage to get me back to a nice comfortable non aching state.  Tomorrow I probably should try to go for a cycle ride, as we are away for a long weekend in Paris and I wont be taking my bike with me.  But I will have to see if I can fit that in.  I will be taking my running shoes with me though.

On a completely separate note I got my Democratic Republic of Visa today, so my trip is starting to come together.  It looks like I will get to see those gorillas after all.  There won't be much freedom to run in the DRC though.  When the sun goes down, the people like me who care for our safety don't venture out on the streets.  I mean I can hardly blend in as a local.  I do plan on running in South America though, and I may do some in Kigali as apparently that is quite a safe city.

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