Sunday, 24 July 2011

Saturday wasted

With all this running as of late, I can't afford to let the cycling slip.  I need to be comfortable with doing 100km a day for up to 8 days in a row ready for the Vuelta Sudamericana in 2 months time.  With this in mind I decided this weekend I would need to at least one decent ride.

On Friday we went to a BBQ and I didn't drink that much - 4 or 5 alcoholic drinks max.  However, when I woke up on Saturday morning I felt like utter crap and I had a splitting headache.  On top of that I felt really nauseous and even vomited a couple of times.  It was clear that the day was going to be wasted staying in bed recovering.  Even by the evening I still felt pretty bad - I could feel my pulse in my head.  So basically the whole of Saturday was wasted.

Finally when I woke up this morning I felt okay again.  So I have been for a ride just short of 100km with a good few hills in it.  I didn't stop for any snacks or for lunch, as it wasn't really long enough to warrant that. The weather was not that great - there were lots of rain clouds in the sky and you could even see the places where it was raining up ahead by the dark streaks that come down from the clouds to the ground.  I was constantly adjusting my route so that I was always heading towards clear skies but in the end that made quite an interesting route that went down the lake towards Rapperswil and then went to the Greifensee.

I have just bought 3 books to help my training so now that I have done my ride I can start reading those. One is a very famous one called Born to run written by Christopher McDougall and then there is another one on how the latest science can be applied to running to help you run faster and longer and then the last one is called Racing Weight and is about how to achieve a leaner physique for optimal performance. One interesting fact I learnt from reading the first few pages of Racing Weight is that when you have less body fat your body can thermoregulate itself better in high temperatures.  Anything that can help my body to cope with running in extreme heat will be of great interest to me in the run up to the Marathon des Sables.

So I wish you all an enjoyable end to your weekends and take it easy,

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