Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kilimanjaro here we come - everything booked

Everything is now booked for my Kilimanjaro climb in September.  I chose a UK company called AbsoluteKilimanjaro as I am more comfortable with transferring my money to a UK based company.  The route I am doing is the Lemosho route (illustrated below).  I will doing the route in 8 days, which should afford me a chance to acclimatise and allow me to enjoy the climb more.  The original route I wanted to do (the Umbwe route) goes straight up the side of the mountain and joins at someone around point 7 on the illustration.  That doesn't really give you much chance to acclimatise and so the chances of summiting are rather low.

I am really looking forward to the climb and although it is not technically difficult I am sure it will be a challenge to hike above 5,000m.  At the moment it is just me doing the climb (private trek), but it is possible that a couple of others may join me.  If anyone reading this is interested in joining and your fitness is of a similar level to mine then I would be pleased to hear from you.  I will be arriving at Kilimanjaro airport on the 8th September and will be taking the Moshi-Nairobi shuttle and flying from Nairobi airport back to Zurich on the 17th September.


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