Saturday, 19 March 2011

Mental preparation for my second 20+ mile run

Today is the day I am meant to be doing another 20+ mile run.  I plan to do it 3 times in total in my training.  I have already done it once, today will be my second and the third and final will be in 2 weeks time.  Then after that I will start tapering down for 2 weeks prior to "the big day".

I have already done my pilates lesson this morning.  I was quite stiff and achy before the lesson but I am much less stiff now.  My core is feeling a little tender though, as when you do pilates correctly you eliminate the large muscles like the quads and hamstrings and start using your core to do them.

Before I can take on the 20+ mile run I will take a muscle soaking bath.  Then I will be ready to go.  My mind is set.

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