Sunday, 20 March 2011

20+ mile run done and feeling just a little sore today, but no pain

The first time I ran from Zurich to Rapperswil (33km) my knee was starting to play up a little in the last 10km.  It wasn't exactly intense pain but rather twinges.  This time, 2 weeks later, there were no problems and I felt I could have gone on and on.  I managed to achieve an efficient technique that meant my feet were hardly lifting off the ground, and sometimes I didn't know whether I was fast walking or running.  The weather was not great but there was no way a bit of rain was going to stop me.

The link to my run on the Garmin site is here

Yesterday I had my plan to follow, and the aim was to keep the heart rate less than 131bpm.  It was harder to keep it in the target zone that I had imagined.  A lot of people say that your heart monitor is your best friend, because almost anyone without one tends to run too fast even on their slow-run day.  Last time for sure I was training slightly above the target zone.

My total time was 3 hours 22 minutes 55 seconds, so on race day I hope to be able to do a similar time but covering 9km more.  Is this realistic?  I am not sure yet, but what I can predict is a sub 4 hour time.  I still have 3 weeks of training left and one more 20+ mile run.  Most likely I will run from Zurich to Rapperswil again, as this way I can assess how I am feeling compared to last time.

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