Thursday, 24 March 2011

Please help publicise this blog

Hello all

Tonight is an evening off from the usual training.  My legs are aching a lot and I need the rest time.  I have been training hard and I don't want to risk any injury by overtraining.  Yesterday was kind of a rest day although I did go for a lunchtime run with my colleagues.

Tonight I want to ask you to help me to publicise my blog.  The reason is simple.  I can track the number of pageviews and the more pageviews I attract the more I can use this as a selling point when seeking new corporate sponsors for my fundraising campaign.  On average I seem to get 10-20 pageviews per day.  It would be great if I could increase that number to 50 or more.  Also I would like to ask that if you follow my blog regularly you register yourself as a blog follower so I can see how many regular followers I have.  How about you post my link on your facebook status just for a day or two.  Or you mention the link to your colleagues or friends.

I realise that so far my blog is very self focussed.  However, I would like to make it more interactive and the more comments you guys leave the more I can get you involved.  For instance we could start kit discussions and share training techniques.  I am obviously still not an expert in competition sport but I am willing to try new techniques and if you have something to suggest to me then I welcome the comments. If you are a company and want to give me some kit to test then that would be great too.

My dream one day is to leave the corporate world and be able to make a living from doing the things I want to do, and having noone else to answer to.  Challenging my limits and pushing my comfort zone.  Hopefully the Vuelta Sudamericana 2011 and the Marathon des Sables 2012 will just be the start of even more interesting projects to come.

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