Thursday, 17 March 2011

Mission successful - found a publicly accessible 400m track in Zürich

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Today in accordance with the training plan I was given yesterday, I decided to do some anaerobic threshold training.  The suggested plan was either 3 x 800m or 6 x 400m, with a target heart rate of 150-154bpm.  As you can see by going to the link above I was almost spot on in terms of my heart rate.  Talk about following a plan to the letter.

It is great to find a publicly accessible 400m track in Zürich.  In so many cities the tracks belong to schools and are behind locked fences, inaccessible to the public.  This track near Sihlcity is open to all.  I am not sure whether technically you are meant to pay or not, but with the fence being only being 1m high I doubt that very much.  I also found a post on the English forum about it being open to the general public.

There were about 3 other people on the track at the same time I was there.  Most of them were just running laps at a steady pace, which personally I don't see the point in.  If I am doing steady training I would much rather choose a route where I actually go from A to B rather than from A to A.  Of course the track does have the advantage of being softer on your joints, and this was quite noticeable.

The 400m bursts felt quite tough and I am sure I will notice a substantial improvement in my fitness after doing a few more of these sessions.  The first 200m each time was just fine, but then the last 200m I was blowing harder than a steam train.  Now folks it is time to take a relaxing bath.  Another job well done.

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