Friday, 18 March 2011

Taking on the hill

Tonight was my elected hill training night.  This is meant to be between 30 and 45 minutes at a heart rate of 147-150bpm according to my training schedule.

I took the tram down towards the Limmat and then got out and ran 2 minutes on the flat before starting the long climb up towards the Dolder.  I knew that it would take roughly 30 minutes to get to the top so it was an ideal route.   As soon as I got to the bottom of the incline just past Central I started to step on the gas.  I wasn't sure how much gas I would need to give it to get my heart up to above 147bpm as I am not used to training at this intensity.  I was zipping along and thought it would be hard to keep up the pace for 30 minutes.  But as the hill started to get steeper the heart rate stayed within the target zone even at a fairly low speed.

Basically the whole of the planned 30 minutes on the hill I was right at the top end of the target zone - just over 150bpm.  I was constantly monitoring it and making adjustments as necessary.  Another day of following the plan to the letter.

Tomorrow the day starts at 9am with my private pilates lesson and then after a quick break it will be time to tackle the 20 mile barrier for the second time.  I will try to do Zurich to Rapperswil again.  The great thing is I don't have to push it and need to try and keep my heart rate below 131bpm.

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