Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tomorrow should be another hardcore day

Howdy folks

I am a little disappointed with my training the last couple of days.  That is why tomorrow I want to make up for it with a seriously hardcore training day.  Last Saturday I rested and on Sunday was just the snowshoe hike.  On Monday all I did was Pilates and today I have been running, but only for 11.15km.  The reason I didn't do as much as normal is because I have been a little under the weather.  I had a sore throat and was a bit bunged up.  That in turn affected my sleep and so I didn't have as much energy as normal.  I seem to be over it now though so I want to get stuck right in.

Now no promises here, but my ideal would be to go to the 6.30am hot yoga class tomorrow, then I would get back with plenty of time to go for a really long run.  It will take me a lot of motivation to get up that early though.  Usually I find when I state my plan publicly it is much easier to do, as I feel some kind of obligation to follow through with it.  That is also one reason for writing this post.  If I don't manage to make the 6.30am class I can still get up fairly early and go for a long run anyway.

As I haven't done that much running with a rucksack, I will make sure I run with one tomorrow.  I think the ideal weight to try out would be 7.5kg so I can see how it feels to run with that.  I don't intend for my pack to be heavier than that at the start of the Marathon des Sables, and as the race goes on my pack will become lighter and lighter.  I should also try and stick to off road to mimic the terrain I will be racing on.

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