Thursday, 23 February 2012

Today - Pilates and hot yoga done, just the running to go

I woke up this morning aching a lot.  Touching my toes was no longer a trivial task.  As I lumbered into the Pilates studio my teacher knew I was stiff without having to ask.  We started with some gentle stretching exercises for the legs.  After that I already started to feel a bit more flexible.  We did all the usual exercises and then at the end I got to hang upside down with my feet held in straps for a few minutes to really release my back and leg muscles.  I walked out of the session feeling like a new man.

Next it was off to the hot yoga studio.  I finished the Pilates at 11.10am and the yoga class started at 12 noon, so I had plenty of time to lie down and relax in the 40 degree heat before the class started.  The teacher was a guy for a change.  The good thing about having a guy as a teacher is seeing that the moves are also possible for a guy just like they are for a girl.  Some moves the guys really seem to struggle with, and although it is harder for them to get the flexibility they need for certain moves, a guy teacher is proof that it can be done when he demonstrates them.

The class was pretty full and was most of the people were girls.  There were around 15 to 20  girls and 3 or so other guys.  Yesterday the yoga didn't feel that tough in the heat, but today I was sweating literally buckets and the heat seemed rather suppressive.  I felt dizzy on quite a few occasions and had to just take a moment to regain my composure.  I stuck with it though and completed all the postures to the best of my ability.

I am now back at home and I am going to eat and drink something and then relax for a few hours.  If I feel okay later in the afternoon or early evening I will go out running again.  I think after a bit of rest I will be just fine.  I haven't decided on the distance yet but it won't be as long as yesterday.  A half marathon would be a good distance.  Then tomorrow I will do hot yoga again, but I need to take a day of rest from the running to let my body recover.  Ciao for now folks.

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