Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hot yoga done and now ready to hit the road with my pack

Hello everyone.  I am sticking with my plan today, other than the fact that I decided it was more sensible to go to the 9.30am hot yoga class instead of the 6.30am one.  I have plenty of hours left to run.  I don't have to be back at any particular time this evening, as Anny will be out too.  If need be I can run in the dark and I will take my head torch with me just in case.

I have prepared my rucksack for the run, and it weighs 7.5kg.  I stuffed it with some useful items such as a head torch, a couple of bottles of water and my ski jacket, and then a few less useful items just for some extra weight, such as a pair of boots.  It will be the heaviest I have trained with so far, but it doesn't feel that heavy so lets see.  I always have the option of drinking all the water, which will lower the pack weight by a few kilos, although if I can I will try to drink the water from the water fountains and keep the pack at this weight as much as possible.

I will stop off at Zurich HB beforehand to get some power bars and energy drinks that I can eat and drink during the run.  I think after that my plan will be to run up to the zoo and then into the forest and along the ridge.  I don't have to follow any set route though, so I can see where the wind takes me after that.

During the hot yoga I was wearing my heart rate monitor and chest strap.  I want to see what adaptations take place as I do more and more sessions in terms of my heart rate.  It should start to drop as I get used to training in the heat.  In case you are interested here is the link to the activity on my Garmin Connect site  My average heart rate was 99bpm and my maximum heart rate was 136bpm.  It did feel a little easier to handle the heat today compared to the first time, although that may be just my imagination, as my body probably hasn't adapted that quickly.

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