Friday, 24 February 2012

A 10km run with a 6.6kg backpack

This will only be a short one folks as I have to get ready to go out soon.  I am still aching a lot today, but I couldn't afford to skip running again, so I just went for a 10km run up to Witikon and back.  The elevation gain was 142m and it took me 57 minutes and 44 seconds at a fairly comfortable but brisk pace.  My average heart rate was 131bpm and my maximum heart rate was 152bpm.

There were quite a lot of people on the streets down by Stadelhofen and I bumped into a few of them with my pack as they were blocking the whole path and I couldn't really get round them.  I hate it when people walk side by side blocking the whole path and expecting that everyone else will just get out of their way or stop and wait for them to pass.  If they think I am going to stop and wait when I am in the middle of my run then they can think again.  Either that or they are just blind to their surroundings - nothing that a quick shove with a pack wont fix.

I took Negrita with me and she was very happy trotting along beside me.  I am sure she will be happy now to rest for a few hours at home whilst I go out.  So I wish you a good day folks and I will check in again soon.

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