Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Today is the day - second fitness test

Top of the morning to you all,

Today I am taking another lactate test, to see at what point I am compared to the last time I took one (a few weeks before the Zurich marathon).  I cannot predict whether it will be better, the same or worse at this stage.  In terms of frequency of training, I am definitely training more often now.  I am not doing such a structured routine as I was during the marathon preparation however, and am also not doing the same distance now as I was doing then.

You are meant to take it quite easy the day before the test, and I did just that.  I went gokarting in the evening and that is not really classed as a sport.  It was certainly good fun though.  I will let you know the results of the test later tonight.

On a slightly sad note my little running partner is going to Madrid on Tuesday and staying there for over a month.  Indeed I am talking about Negrita, my running partner of the 4 legged kind.  As Anny and I are going on holiday soon, her papi is coming to pick up Negrita, to take care of her in Madrid while we are away.  The next time I see her again after Tuesday will be when I get back from having climbed Kilimanjaro.

That's me over and out, crackle crackle, signing off!

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