Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A massive boost to my fundraising campaign - Holmes Place membership sold

Well tonight is very good news for my fundraising campaign.  I managed to sell the 6 months Holmes Place Zurich gym and spa membership for 600 CHF on ricardo.ch.  The buyer has got a bargain but it is also a great help to my campaign, especially with the CHF to GBP exchange rate being as it is at the moment (1.19 CHF to 1 GBP at the time of writing).  I hope he makes the payment while the exchange rate stays like this.  Remember there is still another 6 months gym and spa membership available for the prize draw for those that haven't entered yet.

Other developments today include an additional donation from a colleague who had already sponsored me on a previous occasion, but wanted to make this donation in the name of his soon son to be (in other words his wife is having a baby).  Then last but not least a donation from a friend of a friend in Paris whom we met when we were there the other weekend, and who was only to keen to donate.  So keen in fact that once she heard I was raising money for charity by running the Marathon des Sables she asked me for the fundraising url, rather than me asking her to donate.

After a long stagnant period it is great to have a kick start like this to get my campaign going again.  It gives a real boost of morale to see the ££££££ come rolling in.  I only hope it continues.  And if anyone in Switzerland has been considering to make a donation but has been holding off till now, I urge you to do it soon while the exchange rate is seriously in our favour.  It will be more moolah for the charity.

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