Thursday, 11 August 2011

Second lactate test and the results show significant improvement

The first time I did the lactate test I didn't get a body fat % measurement, but I thought it would be appropriate to get one this time.  I have a body fat % scales at home, but it always tells me my reading is 22%, which seems hard to believe because it gave this same reading before I embarked on my fat to fit programme.  I was guessing that the true reading was somewhere around 15% and it turns out I was very accurate in my guess.  The true reading is 14.8%.  This is a perfectly healthy % for a male of my age, but I would like to try to reduce it to around 10%.  With a current weight of 79-80kg that means I will try to reduce my weight to 75kg.  At that weight I would be very lean, and provided I don't lose any muscle it would most likely enhance my performance.  With the 5,000km cycle ride looming on the horizon I don't think I will have to do much, other than to eat sensibly, to reach that target.  Then it will just be a matter of maintaining that weight between the end of the cycle tour and the start of the Marathon des Sables.

Below I have summarised the main results of the lactate test, and where appropriate I have included the results from the first test that I did on the 16th of March.

Speed (km/h)   Heart rate (bpm)    Lactate (mmol/L)   Perceived effort (scale of 6 to 20)
Rest                 60                          0.86                        -
7                      89                          1.20                        7
9                      114                        1.21                        9

11                    125                        1.28                       12
13                    140                        1.71                       14
15                    154                        3.34                       17
17                    162                        4.66                       18


Based on these results the anaerobic threshold occurs at a speed of 14.25km/h (compared to 13.69km/h last time), corresponding to a heart rate of 149bpm (compared to 150bpm last time).  This gives a relative VO2 max of 53.8ml/min/kg (identical with last time).

In terms of comparisons with other males of my age this puts me at the 95th percentile (compared to the 92nd percentile last time).  In other words I am better than 92% of people in this group.

In terms of comparisons with all middle and long distance runners of my age group (this includes pro athletes) this puts me at the 42nd percentile (compared with the 31st percentile last time).  In other words I am better than 42% of people in this group.

In terms of current predictions for race times the results indicate the following:

Marathon (42.195km)              3:16:39h compared to 3:21:22h last time
Half marathon (21.1km)          1:29:36h compared to 1:32:43h last time  (my current PB is 1 hour 35)
10km                                        38:39min compared to 40:07min last time
5km                                          18:12min compared to 18:49min last time
1.5km                                       4:46min compared to 4:53min last time

I am very happy with these results considering the total amount of time I spend training now compared to last time is not significantly different.  When I up my training hours to double of what I am doing now in January, February and March next year I can expect huge improvements.  At a rough guess I spend 8 hours a week doing exercise at the moment (this includes yoga, pilates, running and cycling), and next year I plan to spend 20+ hours a week (mostly running).  When I did the last test I was also spending around 8 hours a week training (at that time indoor rowing, running, yoga and pilates included).

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