Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sleep deprivation and its effect on motivation levels

This morning we had to wake up at 4.45am in order to catch the TGV from Paris to Zurich.  On top of that we were out quite late every night during our bridge weekend trip.  The lack of sleep has really taken its toll and going out for a run is the last thing on my mind at the moment.  All I can picture right now is my bed saying "Sleeeeep sleeeeep".

Don't get me wrong, it was a great weekend.  It's just that I am not a party animal these days and there is almost never a chance of me turning into a pumpkin by being out past the stroke of midnight.  What I find most striking though is how the amount of sleep we get affects our motivation levels.  For instance, normally when I have a good night's sleep I can't wait to go for a run in the evening, but now after a night of only a few hours sleep my motivation level to go jogging is rock bottom.

Even my motivation to continue writing this post is fading.  So I am off to bed now my friends.  I will come back when my motivation levels have had 40 winks :)).  Sweet dreams to all.

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  1. Your post touches upon a lot of great points, but ultimately I think the most important thing is that as writers, we should always write for the reader and never for the search engines. Anyway, I felt the same way too and I have to motivate myself to sleep so I can sleep.