Sunday, 31 July 2011

Why is walking more tiring than running?

Yesterday we were walking around Paris and we went inside Le Louvre for a few hours.  What surprised me is that I can run for several hours with no after effects, but after walking around Paris for a couple of hours my legs were aching like hell.  It is not the first time I have noticed this difference between walking and running.  I usually find that a few hours of strolling and window shopping are much more tiring than running a half marathon at a slow to medium pace.

I am finding Paris much more lively than Zurich from what I have seen so far.  The streets were still buzzing at 2am, and there were lots of street entertainers even at that time of night/ morning.  I still love Zurich though, and despite it sometimes being a bit quiet the quality of life there is pretty much unrivalled.

A little tip by the way - if you want to visit Le Louvre try to do it on the first Sunday of the month.  On the first Sunday of each month the entrance is free.  Even on a  normal day it is only 10 EUR though, which is not expensive. 

Today we are taking it quite easy but tomorrow I will go for a quick run again.  Based on yesterdays run, there seem to be an awful lot of joggers in Paris, but most of them are fairly casual/ slow.  I must have passed several hundred runners in the park near our friend's house.  It was quite a boost to my self esteem to be passing so many people without even trying.

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