Thursday, 4 August 2011

Going once, going twice, not yet gone - Holmes place ZH 6 month membership reduced to its lowest possible price - I will not allow it to be sold for any less now

I still have had no offers on for my Holmes Place ZH gym and spa membership, so I have reduced the reserve price to the lowest possible price that I could accept.  Before it was for sale with a reserve price of 700CHF.  Now I have lowered the reserve price to 600CHF.  Any less would be an insult.

Come on guys and girls - someone in Zurich must want it.  For gym and spa membership, 100CHF a month is not that much, and I mean that.

There is no way on earth you will get the same deal by going directly to the club.  At the club itself the usual price for both gym and spa membership for 6 months is 1,390CHF.  The only way I am able to offer this low price is because Holmes Place ZH donated the membership to me for free, to help my fundraising campaign, in return for nothing more than a little publicity.  And the start date for the membership is flexible.

It would really help my Mencap Marathon des Sables fundraising campaign if I could sell this membership.  I still have 3,200GBP left to raise.  That doesn't seem so bad when you think that I have already raised more than this, but in all truth I am fast running out of sponsors.  I have already badgered most of my friends and family, and a lot of other people besides.  There are still a few people who have promised to donate, and some I am sure will nearer the time.  But remember that the sooner you can put it on my site the less stressed I will be.  There is nothing better than to get an email in my inbox saying that someone has just sponsored me on the virginmoneygiving site.  In the early days the total was increasing by hundreds of pounds each day, but in the last few months there has been relatively little activity.

My aim is not just to complete the Marathon des Sables but to do the Brits proud by coming in the top 25%.  This may seem like an impossible dream but I am happy to devote up to 20 hours per week to my training in January, February and March, even if that means only working half time.  These kind of challenges do not come along every day and I want to give it my all.

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