Friday, 5 August 2011

Changing the way I do my food shopping

Tonight when we went food shopping I found I was looking at everything in a different way.  I was paying a lot more attention to what I was putting in the shopping trolley.  This is a response to reading the book "Racing Weight", which I am about half way through I would like to add.

Wherever possible I was replacing refined foods by wholegrain foods.  For instance I bought wholegrain pasta for the first time.  I was also purchasing natural yoghurt instead of syrupy flavoured yoghurt.  There were quite a lot of soups in my trolley too, because apparently eating soup before your main meal helps to satisfy your appetite a little, and you end up eating less overall.

I also spotted some bee pollen, which is considered by many as a superfood, and couldn't resist putting that in my trolley.  Usually superfoods taste like crap but this one is actual nice tasting.  I really hate the taste of maca for instance, despite its numerous health benefits.

Now is the time to start eating my way through these healthy foods.

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