Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Yoga, massage and a 1 hour ride

I woke up this morning feeling fully recovered from last Sunday's escapade.  Not an ache in site.   At lunchtime the yoga was not too strenuous, so this allowed me to focus fully on correct posture and alignment during the moves, which sometimes when you can barely hold the move due to shaking it is hard to do.  I felt strong and powerful during the class.

Later in the afternoon I had my weekly sports massage.  I was expecting that despite feeling okay, the aches and tight spots would start to became obvious during the massage.  There were some parts of my calf muscle and upper thigh that seemed rather tender, but not as much as I could have imagined.

After work I headed off towards the airport onto the road that is closed to traffic for a quick spin.  The road is pretty flat and you can get up some decent speed.  The way back towards Opfikon always seems slightly faster so despite appearing flat I guess it must be slightly downhill in that direction.  The only danger on that road are the inline skaters who tend to think they own the road.  Sometimes it is necessary to cut inside of them and sometimes it is necessary to go out round them.  It makes for  a kind of moving obstacle course, where one wrong move could be rather painful, and reading the signals is the key.

At various points along the airport border road I hit the gas a little, and got the blood pumping and the heart racing.  I tried to keep up the pace for a good few minutes, so it was basically at the lactate threshold rather than aerobic, which is probably more appropriate for my needs at the moment.

After leaving the airport road it was back onto the normal streets and the usual traffic lights to stop at and the traffic to avoid.  It does't take too long though - somewhere around 15 minutes from Opfikon to my place.  Now it is time to clean up and then pasta pasta pasta time.

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