Friday, 17 June 2011

Soft lad

I planned to go out tonight for a quick training ride on my bike, but when I looked at the sky I decided I would rather not.  I don't think it will harm me too much if I skip just this once.  It may even be beneficial to have a complete rest day.  But if my friends heard such softie talk, not going for a ride because it is raining, they would probably say I have been out of the UK for far too long.

Yesterday I didn't do any cycling but I did do Pilates in the evening.  It was a toughie - in a one to one class you really can't get away with doing things half heartedly like you can in a group class.  I came out of the class having worked my butt off for one hour, which is great.  By the way I love the interesting names of the Pilates exercises such as "the teaser" and "the elephant".

I really hope my training has been sufficient.  It is fast approaching the point where I should start tapering down for La Marmotte.  I think the one hour nippy rides are fine and I can keep doing those for a while yet, but I shouldn't be doing any 3 or 4 pass rides the weekend before the race.  That means this weekend is the last chance for such pleasures.  The great thing about cycling is it doesn't have quite such a high injury risk as running does, being a low impact exercise.  If you recall I had a lot of problems with runner's knee to begin with when I started training for the Zurich marathon.  In the end I only had one month of uninterrupted running training before the Zurich marathon and managed to do pretty well for my first marathon.  So considering I have been training for two months for La Marmotte without interruption, and the fact I have done it twice before, I should do okay.

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